Sorting & Separating

Over the past week, 300 children in primary schools in Ellesmere Port and the surrounding area had an exciting and fun-filled workshop. Working in teams of two or three, the children had a series of problems to solve all concerned with separating mixtures or sorting things out.
The picture shows one team from St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School using an indicator to sort out unknown substances into acid, alkali or neutral. They had already made extensive observations to see how they differed visually.
Other challenges involved: separating a dry mixture of salt/lentils/pasta without using their fingers; chromatography; centrifuging. And all done in just 90 minutes!
Every year, many schools in the local area get this workshop provided free of charge thanks to sponsorship from Urenco plc.
And the response?
"Best science lesson ever!"
"Thank you for a really informative and practical afternoon which really engaged the children."