Spectacular Science!


Monteagle School in Dagenham recently celebrated their science week by inviting Martin and Sarah in to provide practical workshops and shows for every class. Here you can see Sarah having fun with bubbles and a Nursery class.
Their science coordinator said, "Our Friday ‘celebration’ assembly was devoted to science and children from each year group took the opportunity to explain what they had been up to. The children had obviously enjoyed a brilliant week, and Sphere Science was a huge factor in that!"

Wakefield SPLATS!

Y10 students from Wakefield High School for Girls and the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School spent three days last week providing science workshops for 340 local Y5 pupils. They spent a day learning a few activities (see above) and then two days teaching them. 
Everyone had a lot of fun and several Y5 pupils decided they now wanted to go to either of the secondary schools when they move up to Y7.