Street Science

This exciting show comprises a series of “science tricks” with unexpected and surprising outcomes, challenging the audience to think through, with the help of the presenter, how each one works.

It is ideal for Science Festivals, for assemblies (R/KS1, KS2 but probably not the whole school together), as part of a larger activity (eg a Family Day) or for an after-school event.  We are very flexible.

Watch one recent show here.

"This show was not just for the kids, the adults really enjoyed it and learnt a lot as well."

The cost is £435 for a whole day (3 shows), £270 for a half day (2 shows). Please note that there might be a small contribution towards accommodation if the Presenter is not local to your area. You might consider 'partnering up' with other schools or community groups in your local area to share the cost.

Just send us an email